10 Things People in Orlando should Do Besides Mourning The Casey Anthony Verdict

1. Decide which Mega Mart to go to and get a Water Purifier because Orlando has the poorest water quality in the state.

2. Slow down, MEDITATE and pay more attention to the children around you. Stop waiting for them to end up dead and on TV. When I was growing up — all the nosy people in our building were actually considered to be great resources and even disciplinarians. They talked trash, but they looked out for the kids and everybody’s general well being. If you don’t have someone like this around your apartment complex or on your suburban block then…consider becoming this person yourself or shut up because the criminal justice system in this state has long been a running joke.

3. Have sex but don’t have any more kids. Would you just wrap it up already. And if you decide to have a child whether by choice or circumstance get your shit together!!

4. Take care of your children. Teach them and if you don’t know how to live LEARN AS YOU GO.

5. Mourn all the other injustice around you — take your pick: a government that has no ability to govern, Schools closing while we spend 2 million bucks to fix a fucking fountain in Lake Eola, Children starving like its a 3rd world country as Orlando arrests people for giving out food, everyone wants to cut you off in traffic…..be upset for a full day that we even live in a world that chooses to have politicians as opposed to free cures for cancer, AIDS, and anything else that destroys your immune system and your capacity to live to your fullest!

6. Get a drink and sing your favorite song. If you can’t drink, improvise with something else. If you can’t sing, hum.

7. Make it safer to walk in the Orlando-Kissimmee Metro Area because its too damn expensive to drive.

8. Stop Watching the fucking News and get off your fat ass, go for a walk and Support groups like Food Not Bombs and the Vegan Mafia in Orlando, Florida! These are volunteers who give great food and try to combat poverty by sharing and imbuing health while NOT spending a dime on a store front that requires rent and would take away from the food budget

9. think about your life and how much you should be grateful for instead of bitching, treating your loved ones like shit and plopping in front of the the TV to watch “America’s Got Talent” because guess what? America’s Got Problems.

10. Be happy someone’s feeding the hungry. Maybe they won’t come knocking on your door.

10a – Oh and Build a fucking Speed rail and catch up to the rest of civilization.

****Understand that it is NOT against the law for giving food to the hungry. I don’t care what you think you know about ordinance or this code or that law — remember it is NOT against the law to feed the hungry. All you right-wing working class stiffs listen up: you’re in the same boat as your impoverished brethren, be they right or left wing. Please, can we grow up for one minute. Put down the remote, put down the blackberry, put down the joystick…You taxpaying law abiding citizens hear me now: “On April 13, 2011 the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeal upheld Orlando’s Large Group Feeding Ordinance, finding that it does not violate either the First Amendment of the United States Constitution nor the Florida Religious Freedom Restoration Act as some accused.”


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